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Happy Vijayadasami 2016 Wishes SMS Messages with Images, Wallpapers

Happy Dasara 2016 Wishes, Messages, SMS: 

   People in India and in Srilanka Celebrate Dasara. Dasara is also called as Vijayadashami. This is the right place you have came here by searching Dasara Wishes. We have gathered some of the best Dasara wishes for you.

        Dasara is one of the famous festival celebrated in India. Dasara is celebrated 9 days. Importance of this day is good wins over the Evil. On this day Lord Rama killed Ravana. Because Ravana had theft Lord Rama's wife Sita Devi and kept in a forest which is in Srianka. Rama with the help of brother Laxmana and Hanuman Rama went to Srilanka and fought with Ravana for 9 days. At last day that is 9th day Lord Rama had killed Ravana and took Sita Devi to her place. This is one of the Significance of Dasara that Good Wins on Bad.

Happy Dusshera Wishes 2016
                                                Happy Dusshera Wishes 2016

Happy Dasara 2016 Wishes, Messages, SMS:

Many places in India people celebrate Dusshera as their own style. Dusshera is a festival celebrated 9 days this 9 days are called as Dusshera Navarathri. People make idols of Durga Devi and they do Pooja every day on Navarathris. After 9 days people immerse Durga Devi Idols in water bodies.
 Each State in India Celebrate Dusshera by their traditional Culture. Here in this post we are saying about Andra Pradesh and Telangana State. People in Andra Pradesh and Telangana celebrate Dusshera Festival Beautiful. On 9th day of Navarathri's is called Dusshera or Vijayadashami. On 9th day in many places people burn Ravana Idols and people give Shami tree leaves to their family members and take wishes and greetings from them. 

   In this year 2016 Dasara or Vijayadashami is celebrated on October 11th 2016. October 11th is 9th day f Durga devi' Navarathri's on this day people celebrate Dasara Festival. 

Happy Vijayadashami Wishes, Messages, SMS:

As the sun starts northward journey.
Wish You and Your Family
HAPPY Dasara

With Great Devotion, Fervour and Gaiety
With Rays of Joy and Hope
He makes all the happiness of throughout this year
I wish you and your family a Very Happy Dasara

happy dussehra wishes quotes
Happy Dasara Wishes Quotes

On this festival Dasara im wishing that
it u are chrished sending you my warmest regards
smiles and good Cheer you
Enjoy the festival and all that accompanies
you and u r famly be blessed with may
during this dasara
Happy Dasara
Wish you a life full of love and laughter wish
u a life full of warmth
most amazing memories which
Happy Dasara
Years of celebrations are sent your way
God bless you today and everyday
you a life full of sweetness wish
u like Happy Dasara

happy dussehra wishes messages
Happy Dasara Wishes Messages

Days filled with joy, Weeks of Happiness,
Months filled with prosperity
May the beauty of Dasara Festival season
fill your home with happiness and
Happy Vijayadashami

 These are the best Dasara wishes for you. You can send messages to your friends and family members on Dasara as Vijayadashami wishes. We have collected High Quality Images of Dasara Images


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